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Ready to have some fun? Take the quiz and show how much you know about Mello Marsh and the Magic Toilet®!
1. Scott B. Freiberger’s Mello Marsh® has his first fantastic adventure in:
2. The name of the effervescent enchantress who teaches Mello Marsh is:
3. Mello Marsh and the Magic Toilet® originally appear in:
4. The spirited sylphid introduces Mello Marsh to his first:
5. Mello Marsh loves to sit on the toilet reading:
6. A talented Asian musician performs with the jumpin’ jazz band.
7. At Harlem’s historic Apollo Theater, author Scott Freiberger is seen playing a:
8. Mello Marsh learns that the Statue of Liberty has how many steps?
9. The names of Mello Marsh’s dog and cat are:
10. Mello Marsh learns that people could make or lose a lot of money on Wall Street.
Bonus question!
Author Scott Freiberger could perform Beatles and Elvis Presley songs in Chinese.
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